Current Openings

Professor Izabela Szlufarska, Professor Dane Morgan and the Computational Materials Group (CMG) (  CMG is a joint effort of Izabela Szlufarska and Dane Morgan in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UW Madison.  We are a highly active group leveraging simulation, machine learning and experiment and work in areas including nuclear materials, amorphous alloys, nanomechanics, nano-bio interfaces, fuel cells, batteries, semiconductors, and geophysics.

1. Open Opportunity in Informatics Skunkworks for Undergraduates at University of Wisconsin – Madison

Prof. Morgan has initiated an Undergraduate Informatics Skunkworks where undergraduates apply informatics, machine learning, and related tools to science problems. We have a team of 12 already, with data sets and projects from local industry and faculty at UW and other Universities. If you are interested please contact Dane at For a talk related to some of our activities, please see here (see slides 15-17 for specific information for interested students). Also please see our informational flyer.