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J. Hwang, Z. Feng, N. Charles, X. R. Wang, D. Lee, K. A. Stoerzinger, S. Muy, R. R. Rao, D. Lee, R. Jacobs, D. Morgan, Y. Shao-Horn
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Materials Today, (2019) (Journal Pub)

J. J. de Pablo, N. E. Jackson, M. A. Webb, L. -Q. Chen, J. E. Moore, D. Morgan, R. Jacobs, T. Pollock, D. G. Schlom, E. S. Toberer, J. Analytis, I. Dabo, D. M. DeLongchamp, G. A. Fiete, G. M. Grason, G. Hautier, Y. Mo, K. Rajan, E. J. Reed, E. Rodriguez, V. Stevanovic, J. Suntivich, K. Thornton, J. -C. Zhao
New frontiers for the materials genome initiative
npj Computational Materials, 5, 41, (2019) (Journal Pub)

R. Jacobs, G. Luo, D. Morgan
Materials Discovery of Stable and Nontoxic Halide Perovskite Materials for High-Efficiency Solar Cells
Advanced Functional Materials, (2019) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

Y. Cao, M. J. Gadre, A. T. Ngo, S. B. Alder, D. Morgan
Factors controlling surface oxygen exchange in oxides
Nature Communications, 10, 1346, (2019) (Journal Pub, Editors’ Highlights, Press: UW, WORT)

A. H. Combs, J. J. Maldonis, J. Feng, Z. Xu, P. M. Voyles, D. Morgan
Fast Approximate STEM Image Simulations from a Machine Learning Model
(2019) (SI Data)

R. Jacobs, J. Hwang, Y. Shao-Horn, D. Morgan
Assessing correlations of perovskite catalytic performance with electronic structure descriptors
Chemistry of Materials, 31, 785-797, (2019) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

J. J. Maldonis, Z. Xu, Z. Song, M. Yu, T. Mayeshiba, D. Morgan, P. M. Voyles
StructOpt: A modular materials structure optimization suite incorporating experimental data and simulated energies
Computational Materials Science, 160, 1-8, (2019) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

J. Xi, H. Jiang, C. Liu, D. Morgan, I. Szlufarska
Corrosion of Si, C, and SiC in molten salt
Corrosion Science, 146, 1-9, (2019) (Journal Pub, arXiv)



S. Xu, R. Jacobs, D. Morgan
Factors Controlling Oxygen Interstitial Diffusion in the Ruddlesden–Popper Oxide La2–xSrxNiO4+?
Chemistry of Materials (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

S. Shu, P. B. Wells, N. Almirall, G. R. Odette, D. Morgan
Thermodynamics and kinetics of core-shell versus appendage co-precipitation morphologies: An example in the Fe-Cu-Mn-Ni-Si system
Acta Materialia, 157, 298-306, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

S. Zhou, R. Jacobs, W. Xie, E. Tea, C. Hin, D. Morgan
Combined ab initio and empirical model of the thermal conductivity of uranium, uranium-zirconium, and uranium-molybdenum
Physical Review Materials, 2, 083401, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

C. Liu, I. Szlufarska
Distribution of defect clusters in the primary damage of ion irradiated 3C-SiC
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 98, 023001, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

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Chemical aging of large-scale randomly rough frictional contacts
Physical Review E, 509, 392-400, (2018) (Journal Pub,arXiv)

W. Li, K. G. Field, D. Morgan
Automated defect analysis in electron microscopic images
npj Computational Materials, 4, 36, (2018) (Journal Pub, Data on MDF, Press)

G. B. Bokas, Y. Shen, L. Zhao, H. W. Sheng, J. H. Perepezko, I. Szlufarska
Synthesis of Sm–Al metallic glasses designed by molecular dynamics simulations
Journal of Materials Science, 53, 11488-11499, (2018) (Journal Pub)

S. Shu, N. Almirall, P. B. Wells, T. Yamamoto, G. R. Odette, D. Morgan
Precipitation in Fe-Cu and Fe-Cu-Mn model alloys under irradiation: Dose rate effects
Acta Materialia, 157, 72-82, (2018) (Journal Pub)

Z. Li, I. Szlufarska
Multiphysics model of chemical aging in frictional contacts
Phys. Rev. Materials, 2, 063602, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

M. A. Gialampouki, S. Xu, D. Morgan
Iron valence and partitioning between post-perovskite and ferropericlase in the Earth’s lowermost mantle
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, (2018) (Journal Pub)

D. M. Kirkwood, S.J. Gross, T. J. Balk, M. J. Beck, J. Booske, D. Busbaher, R. Jacobs, M. E. Kordesch, B. Mitsdarffer, D. Morgan, B. Vancil, J. E. Yater
Frontiers in thermionic cathode research
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 1-11, (2018) (Journal Pub)

W. Li, R. Jacobs, D. Morgan
Predicting the thermodynamic stability of perovskite oxides using machine learning models
Computational Materials Science, 150, 454-463, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

H. Lu, H. Wu, N. Zou, X. Lu, c, Y. He, D. Morgan
First-principles investigation on diffusion mechanism of alloying elements in dilute Zr alloys
Acta Materialia, (2018) (Journal Pub)

G. Luo, T. F. Kuech, D. Morgan
Transition state redox during dynamical processes in semiconductors and insulators
NPG Asia Materials, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

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Small-angle twist grain boundaries as sinks for point defects
Scientific Reports, 8, 3736, (2018) (Journal Pub)

Z. Song, H. Wu, S. Shu, M. Krawczynski, J. Van Orman, D. J. Cherniak, E. B. Watson, S. Mukhopadhyay, D. Morgan
A first-principles and experimental study of helium diffusion in periclase MgO
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 1-14, (2018) (Journal Pub)

S. Shu, B. D. Wirth, P. B. Wells, D. Morgan, G. R. Odette
Multi-technique characterization of the precipitates in thermally aged and neutron irradiated Fe-Cu and Fe-Cu-Mn model alloys: Atom probe tomography reconstruction implications
Acta Materialia, 146, 237-252, (2018) (Journal Pub)

T. L. Meyer, R. Jacobs, D. Lee, L. Jiang, J. W. Freeland, C. Sohn, T. Egami, D. Morgan, H. N. Lee
Strain control of oxygen kinetics in the Ruddlesden-Popper oxide La1.85Sr0.15CuO4
Nature Communications, 9, 92, (2018) (Journal Pub, Editors’ Highlight)

R. Jacobs, T. Mayeshiba, J. Booske, D. Morgan
Material discovery and design principles for stable, high activity perovskite cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells
Advanced Energy Materials, 1702708, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

W. Xie, D. Morgan
CALPHAD modeling and ab initio calculations of the Np-U-Zr system
Computational Materials Science, 143, 505-514, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

J. -H. Ke, H. Ke, G. R. Odette, D. Morgan
Cluster dynamics modeling of Mn-Ni-Si precipitates in ferritic-martensitic steel under irradiation
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 498, 83-88, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

D. R. Sahoo, D. Morgan, I. Szlufarska, N. Swaminathan
Role of pre-existing point defects on primary damage production and amorphization in silicon carbide
Nuclear Instruments And Methods in Physics Research B, 414, 45-60, (2018) (Journal Pub)

L. Zhao, G. B. Bokas, J. H. Perepezko, I. Szlufarska
Nucleation kinetics in Al-Sm metallic glasses
Acta Materialia, 142, 1-7, (2018) (Journal Pub, arXiv)



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Work function and surface stability of tungsten-based thermionic electron emission cathodes
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Strain effects on oxygen vacancy formation energy in perovskites
Solid State Ionics, 311, 105-117, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

W. Gerberich, E. B. Tadmor, J. Kysar, J. A. Zimmerman, A. M. Minor, I. Szlufarska, J. Amodeo, B. Devincre, E. Hintsala, R. Ballarini
Case studies in future trends of computational and experimental nanomechanics
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 35, 060801, (2017) (Journal Pub)

X. Yin, Y. Shi, Y. Wei, Y. Joo, P. Gopalan, I. Szlufarska, X. Wang
Unit Cell Level Thickness Control of Single-Crystalline Zinc Oxide Nanosheets Enabled by Electrical Double-Layer Confinement
Langmuir, 33, 7708-7714, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

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Deformation response of AgCu interfaces investigated by in situ and ex situ TEM and MD simulations
Acta Materialia, 138, 212-223, (2017) (Journal Pub)

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Cs diffusion in SiC high-energy grain boundaries
Journal of Applied Physics, 122, 105901, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

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Increased stability of CuZrAl metallic glasses prepared by physical vapor deposition
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 728, 1110-1115, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

H. Ke, P. Wells, P. D. Edmondson, N. Almirall, L. Barnard, G. R. Odette, D. Morgan
Thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of Mn-Ni-Si precipitates in low-Cu reactor pressure vessel steels
Acta Materialia, 138, 10-26, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv, Cluster Dynamics Code)

S. Shim, B. Grocholski, Y. Ye, E.E. Alp, S. Xu, D. Morgan, Y. Meng, V. B. Prakapenka
Stability of ferrous-iron-rich bridgmanite under reducing midmantle conditions
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114, 6468-6473, (2017) (Journal Pub)

S. Xu, G. Luo, R. Jacobs, S. Fang, M.K. Mahanthappa, R. J. Hamers, D. Morgan
Ab Initio Modeling of Electrolyte Molecule Ethylene Carbonate Decomposition Reaction on Li(Ni,Mn,Co)O2 Cathode Surface
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9, 20545-20553, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

H. Ko, A. Kaczmarowski, I. Szlufarska, D. Morgan
Optimization of self-interstitial clusters in 3C-SiC with genetic algorithm
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 492, 62-73, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

K. Tian, N. N. Gosvami, D. L. Goldsby, Y. Liu, I. Szlufarska, R. W. Carpick
Load and time dependence of interfacial chemical bond-induced friction at the nanoscale
Physical Review Letters, 118, 076103, (2017) (Journal Pub)

H. Wu, A. Lorenson, B. Anderson, L. Witteman, H. Wu, B. Meredig, D. Morgan
Robust FCC solute diffusion predictions from ab-initio machine learning methods
Computational Materials Science, 134, 160-165 (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv, Figshare for solute diffusion predictions)

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Continuum model for hydrogen pickup in zirconium alloys of LWR fuel cladding
Journal of Applied Physics, 121, 135101 (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

M. Laskar, D. Jackson, S. Xu, R. Hamers, D. Morgan, T. Kuech
Atomic Layer Deposited MgO: A Lower Overpotential Coating for Li[Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2]O2 Cathode
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9, 11231-11239, (2017) (Journal Pub)

M. Mamivand, Y. Yang, J. Busby, D. Morgan
Integrated modeling of second phase precipitation in cold-worked 316 stainless steels under irradiation
Acta Materialia, 130, 94-110, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

S. Xu, J.-F. Lin, D. Morgan
Iron partitioning between ferropericlase and bridgmanite in the Earth’s lower mantle
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 122, 1074-1087, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

H. Jiang, X. Wang, I. Szlufarska
The Multiple Roles of Small-Angle Tilt Grain Boundaries in Annihilating Radiation Damage in SiC
Scientific Reports, 7, 42358, (2017) (Journal Pub)

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Nanoscale Voltage Enhancement at Cathode Interfaces in Li-Ion Batteries
Chemistry of Materials, 29, 1218-1229, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

B. K. Nolleta, M. G. Hvastab, M. H. Anderson, D. Morgan, J. A. Schneider
Development of an Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor for Liquid Sodium Using a Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Electrolyte
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 164, B10-B22, (2017) (Journal Pub)

G. Luo, S. Yang, G. R. Jenness, Z. Song, T. F. Kuech, D. Morgan
Understanding and reducing deleterious defects in the metastable alloy GaAsBi
NPG Asia Materials, 9, e345, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv, Open Access)

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Size dependence of nanoscale wear of silicon carbide
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Y. Yang, C. Ramirez, X. Wang, Z. Guo, A. Tokranov, R. Zhao, I. Szlufarska, J. Luo, B. W. Sheldon
Impact of carbon nanotube defects on fracture mechanisms in ceramic nanocomposites
Carbon, 115, 402-408, (2017) (Journal Pub)

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Control of surface induced phase separation in immiscible semiconductor alloy core-shell nanowires
Computational Materials Science, 130, 50-55, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

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Morphology and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline Cu/Ag alloy
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C. Liu, H. Li, Y. Zhai, B. Tyburska-Puschel, P. Voyles, K. Srihdaran, D. MorganI. Szlufarska
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Acta Materilia, 125, 377-389, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

L. Zhao, P. Chakraborty, M. Tonks, I. Szlufarska
On the plastic driving force of grain boundary migration: A fully coupled phase field and crystal plasticity model
Journal of Computational Materials Science, 128, 320-330, (2017) (Journal Pub)

T. Mayeshiba, H. Wu, T. Angsten, A. Kaczmarowski, Z. Song, G. Jenness, W. Xie, D. Morgan
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Computational Materials Science, 126, 90-102, (2017) (Journal Pub, arXiv)



W. Xie, C. A. Marianetti,  D. Morgan
Applicability of DFT + U to U metal and U-Zr alloy
arXiv, (2016)

W. Xie, C. A. Marianetti,  D. Morgan
Reply to “Comment on ‘Correlation and relativistic effects in U metal and U-Zr alloy: Validation of ab initio approaches’?”
Physical Review B, 93, 157101, (2016) (Journal Pub)

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Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 10572-10580, (2016) (Journal Pub)

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