Publications in 2022

J. Y. Kim, L. Gelczuk, M. P. Polak, D. Hlushchenko, D. Morgan, R. Kudrawiec, I. Szlufarska
Experimental and theoretical studies of native deep-level defects in transition metal dichalcogenides
NPJ 2D Materials and Applications, 6, 75, (2022) (Journal Pub)

A. Annamareddy, B. Wang, P. M. Voyles, D. Morgan
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Journal of Applied Physics, 132, 195103, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

M. Shen, D. Sheyfer, T. D. Loeffler, S. K. R. S. Sankaranarayanan, G. B. Stephenson, M. K. Y. Chan, D. Morgan
Machine learning for interpreting coherent X-ray speckle patterns
arXiv, (2022) (arXiv)

L. Lin, R. Jacobs, D. Chen, V. Vlahos, O. Lu-Steffes, J. A. Alonso, D. Morgan, J. Booske
Demonstration of Low Work Function Perovskite SrVO3 Using Thermionic Electron Emission
Advanced Functional Materials, (2022) (Journal Pub)

J. Xi, I. Szlufarska
Control of Surface Chemical Reactions through Solid Stiffness
Physical Review Letters, 129, 106101, (2022) (Journal Pub)

S. Huang, C. Francis, J. Sunderland, V. Jambur, I. Szlufarska, P. M. Voyles
Large area, high resolution mapping of approximate rotational symmetries in a Pd77.5Cu6Si16.5 metallic glass thin film
Ultramicroscopy, 241, 113612, (2022) (Journal Pub)

J. Y. Kim, H. Zhang, J. Xi, I. Szlufarska
Trends in behavior of point defects in MB and MAB phases
Chemistry of Materials, 34, 17, 7807, (2022) (Journal Pub)

J. Y. Kim, H. Zhang, R. Su, J. Xi, S. Wei, P. Richardson, L. Liu, E. Kisi, J. H. Perepezko, I. Szlufarska
Defect recovery processes in Cr-B binary and Cr-Al-B MAB phases: structure-dependent radiation tolerance
Acta Materialia, 235, 118099, (2022) (Journal Pub)

Z. Li, I. Szlufarska
Chemical creep and its effect on contact ageing
ACS Materials Letters, 4, 7, 1368, (2022) (Journal Pub)

B. Afflerbach, C. Francis, L. Schultz, J. Spethson, V. Meschke, E. Strand, L. Ward, J. Perepezko, D. Thoma, P. Voyles, I. Szlufarska, D. Morgan
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Chemistry of Materials, 34, 7, 2945, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

G. Palmer, S. Du, A. Politowicz, J. P. Emory, X. Yang, A. Gautam, G. Gupta, Z. Li, R. Jacobs, D. Morgan
Calibrated bootstrap for uncertainty quantification in regression models
npj Computational Materials, 8, 115, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

R. Jacobs
Deep learning object detection in materials science: Current state and future directions
Computational Materials Science, 211, 111527, (2022) (Journal Pub)

R. Jacobs, J. Liu, B. T. Na, B. Guan, T. Yang, S. Lee, G. Hackett, T. Kalapos, H. Abernathy, D. Morgan
Unconventional highly active and stable oxygen reduction catalysts informed by computational design strategies
Advanced Energy Materials, 12, 2201203, (2022) (Journal Pub)

J. Tapia-P, Y. Cao, J. Gallego, J. M. Osorio-Guillén, D. Morgan, J. F. Espinal
CO oxidation catalytic effects of intrinsic surface defects in rhombohedral LaMnO3
ChemPhysChem, e202200152, (2022) (Journal Pub)

Y. -C. Liu, H. Wu, T. Mayeshiba, B. Afflerbach, R. Jacobs, J. Perry, J. George, J. Cordell, J. Xia, H. Yuan, A. Lorenson, H. Wu, M. Parker, F. Doshi, A. Politowicz, L. Xiao, D. Morgan, P. Wells, N. Almirall, T. Yamamoto, G. R. Odette
Machine learning predictions of irradiation embrittlement in reactor pressure vessel steels
npj Computational Materials, 8, 85, (2022) (Journal Pub)

V. Jambur, M. Molina-Ruiz, T. Dauer, D. Horton-Bailey, R. Vallery, D. Gidley, T. H. Metcalf, X. Liu, F. Hellman, I. Szlufarska
Temperature effects on the structure and mechanical properties of vapor deposited a-SiO2
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 587, 121588, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

M. P. Polak, R. Jacobs, A. Mannodi-Kanakkithodi, M. K. Y. Chan, D. Morgan
Machine learning for impurity charge-state transition levels in semiconductors from elemental properties using multi-fidelity datasets
Journal of Chemical Physics, 156, 114110, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

A. Annamareddy, M. Molina-Ruiz, D. Horton-Bailey, F. Hellman, Y. Li, L. Yu, D. Morgan
Compositional trends in surface enhanced diffusion in lead silicate glasses
Computational Materials Science, 206, 111304, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

Y. Li, A. Annamareddy, D. Morgan, Z. Yu, B. Wang, C. Cao, J. H. Perepezko, M.?D. Ediger, P. M. Voyles, L. Yu
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Physical Review Letters, 128, 075501, (2022) (Journal Pub)

D. Morgan, G. Pilania, A. Couet, B. P. Uberuaga, C. Sun, J. Li
Machine learning in nuclear materials research
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 26, 2, 100975, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

L. Schultz, B. Afflerbach, I. Szlufarska, D. Morgan
Molecular dynamic characteristic temperatures for predicting metallic glass forming ability
Computational Materials Science, 201, 110877, (2022) (Journal Pub, arXiv)