Publications in 2020

H. Zhang, J. Y. Kim, R. Su, P. Richardson, J. Xi, E. Kisi, J. O’Connor, L. Shi, I. Szlufarska
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Acta Materialia, 196, 505-515, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

H. Zhang, R. Su, I. Szlufarska, L. Shi, H. Wen
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Journal of the European Ceramic Society, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

J. Xi, G. Bokas, L. E. Schultz, M. Gao, L. Zhao, Y. Shen, J. H. Perepezko, D. Morgan, I. Szlufarska
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Computational Materials Science, 185, 109958, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

T. Ma, R. Jacobs, J. Booske, D. Morgan
Understanding the interplay of surface structure and work function in oxides: A case study on SrTiO3
APL Materials, 8, 071110, (2020) (Journal Pub)

E. H. Shourov, R. Jacobs, W. A. Behn, Z. J. Krebs, C. Zhang, P. J. Strohbeen, D. Du, P. M. Voyles, V. W. Brar, D. Morgan, J. K. Kawasaki
Semi-adsorption-controlled growth window for half-Heusler FeVSb epitaxial films
Physical Review Materials, 4, 073401, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

J. Xi, C. Liu, I. Szlufarska
Effects of point defects on oxidation of 3C–SiC
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 538, 152308, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

H. Luo, H. Zhang, H. Sheng, J. P. Liu, I. Szlufarska
Amorphous shear bands in SmCo5
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 785, 139340, (2020) (Journal Pub)


J. Xi, C. Liu, , D. Morgan, I. Szlufarska
An unexpected role of H during SiC corrosion in water
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 17, 9394-9400, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

C. E. Athanasiou, H. Zhang, C. Ramirez, J. Xi, T. Baba, X. Wang, W. Zhang, N. P. Padture, I. Szlufarska, B. Sheldon
High toughness carbon-nanotube-reinforced ceramics via ion-beam engineering of interfaces
Carbon, 163, 169-177, (2020) (Journal Pub)

D. Morgan, R. Jacobs
Opportunities and challenges for machine learning in materials science
Annual Reviews, 50, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv, Supporting Information)

X. Wang, H. Zhang, T. Baba, H. Jiang, C. Liu, Y. Guan, O. Elleuch, T. Kuech, D. Morgan, J. -C. Idrobo, P. M. Voyles, I. Szlufarska
Radiation-induced segregation in a ceramic
Nature Materials, (2020) (Journal Pub, SharedIt)

R. Jacobs, T. Mayeshiba, B. Afflerbach, L. Miles, M. Williams, M. Turner, R. Finkel, D. Morgan
The Materials Simulation Toolkit for Machine learning (MAST-ML): An automated open source toolkit to accelerate data-driven materials research
Computational Materials Science, 176, 109544, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv)

S. Cui, M. Mamivand, D. Morgan
Simulation of Cu precipitation in Fe-Cu dilute alloys with cluster mobility
Materials & Design, 191, 108574, (2020) (Journal Pub)

X. Sun, N. J. Krakauer, A. Politowicz, W. T. Chen, Q. Li, Z. Li, X. Shao, A. Sunaryo, M. Shen, J. Wang, D. Morgan
Assessing graph-based deep learning models for predicting flash point
Molecular Informatics, 39, 1900101, (2020) (Journal Pub, arXiv, Data)

R. C. Lucas, D. Morgan, T. F. Kuech
Density functional theory study of the gas phase and surface reaction kinetics for the MOVPE growth of GaAs1–yBiy
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 124, 1682-1697, (2020) (Journal Pub)

K. Tian, Z. Li, Y. Liu, N. N. Gosvami, D. L. Goldsby, I. Szlufarska, R. W. Carpick
Linear ageing behavior at short timescales in nanoscale contacts
Physical Review Letters, 124, 026801, (2020) (Journal Pub)

Y. Guan, G. Luo, D. Morgan, S. E. Babcock, T. F. Kuech
Thermodynamic stability analysis of Bi-containing III-V quaternary alloys and the effect of epitaxial strain
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solid, 138, 109245, (2020) (Journal Pub)

D. Chernin, Y. Y. Lau, J. J. Petillo, S. Ovtchinnikov, D. Chen, A. Jassem, R. Jacobs, D. Morgan, J. Booske
Effect of Nonuniform Emission on Miram Curves
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 48, (1), 146-155, (2020) (Journal Pub)