Publications in 2011

S. Choudhury, L. Barnard, J. D. Tucker, T. R. Allen, B. Wirth, M. Asta, D. Morgan
Ab-initio based modeling of diffusion in dilute bcc Fe-Ni and Fe-Cr alloys and implications for radiation induced segregation
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 411, 1-14, (2011) (Journal Pub)

G. S. Was, J. P. Wharry, B. Frisbie, B. D. Wirth, D. Morgan, J. D. Tucker, T. R. Allen
Assessment of radiation-induced segregation mechanisms in austenitic and ferritic-martensitic alloys
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 411, 41-50, (2011) (Journal Pub)

Y. -L. Lee, D. Morgan, J. Kleis, J. Rossmeisl
Ab initio based modeling of perovskites for solid oxide fuel cell cathodes
Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 241, (2011) (Journal Pub)

S. Khalil, N. Swaminathan, D. Shrader, A. Heim, D. MorganI. Szlufarska
Diffusion of Ag along ?3 grain boundaries in 3C-Si
Physical Review B, 84, 214104, (2011)  (Journal Pub)

S. Saha, A. Bengtson, K. L. Crispin, J. A. Van Orman, D. Morgan
Effects of spin transition on diffusion of Fe2+ in ferropericlase in earth’s lower mantle
Physical. Review B, 84, 184102, (2011) (Journal Pub)

Y. -L. Lee, J. Kleis, J. Rossmeisl, Y. Shao-Horn, D. Morgan
Prediction of solid oxide fuel cell cathode activity with first-principles descriptors
Energy and Environmental Science, 4, 3966, (2011) (Journal Pub)

Y. Mo, D. Stone, and I. Szlufarska
Strength of ultrananocrystalline diamond controlled by friction of buried interfaces
Journal of Physics D, 44, 405401, (2011) (Journal Pub)

N. Swaminathan, D. MorganI. Szlufarska
Ab initio based rate theory model of radiation induced amorphization in ?-SiC
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 414, 413-439, (2011) (Journal Pub)

C. Rong, Y. Zhang, N. Poudyal, I. Szlufarska, R. J. Hebert, M. J. Kramer, J. Ping Liu
Self nanoscaling of the soft magnetic phase in bulk nanocomposite magnets
Journal of Materials Science, 18, 6065-6074, (2011) (Journal Pub)

A. Sharma, C. Zhang, Y. A. Chang, R. Knoeppel, D. Morgan
Ab initio and thermodynamic modelling of alloying effects on activity of sacrificial aluminium anodes
Corrosion Science, 53 (5), 1724-1731, (2011) (Journal Pub)

W. Donner, C. Chen, M. Liu, A. J. Jacobson, Y. -L. Lee, M. Gadre, D. Morgan
Epitaxial strain-induced chemical ordering in La0.5Sr0.5CoO3?? films on SrTiO3
Chemistry of Materials, 23 (4), 984–988, (2011) (Journal Pub)

D. Shrader, S. Khalil, T. Gerczak, T. Allen, A. Heim, I. SzlufarskaD. Morgan
Ag diffusion in cubic silicon carbide
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 408, 257-271, (2011) (Journal Pub)