Publications in 2010

V. Vlahos, J.H. Booske, and D. Morgan
Investigation of barium-scandium-oxygen coatings on tungsten for electron emitting cathodes
Physical Review B, 81, 054207, (2010)  (Journal Pub)

S. Choudhury, L. Barnard, J.D. Tucker, T.R. Allen, B. Wirth, M. Asta, and D. Morgan
Ab-Initio based modeling of diffusion in BCC Fe-Ni-Cr alloys and implications for radiation induced segregation
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 411 (1-3), 1-14, (2010) (Journal Pub)

J.D. Tucker, R. Najafabadi, T.R. Allen, and D. Morgan
Ab initio-based diffusion theory and tracer diffusion in Ni-Cr and Ni-Fe alloys
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 405, 3, 216-234, (2010)  (Journal Pub)

Y. Yang, C. Zhang, S. Chen, D. Morgan, and Y. Austin Chang
First-principles calculation aided thermodynamic modeling of the Mo-Re system
Intermetallics, 18, (4), 574-581, (2010) (Journal Pub)

I. SzlufarskaD. Morgan, D. Khalil, D. Shrader, A. Heim
Modeling of Ag diffusion in TRISO coated fuel particles
Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, 102, 751-752, (2010)

T. M. Besmann, R. E. Stoller, G. Smolyuk, P. C. Schuck, J. M. Wills, M. A. Stan, B. D. Wirth, S. Kims, D. Morgan, I. Szlufarska
Modeling deep burn particulate nuclear fuel
Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, 102, 749-750, (2010)

V. Vlahos, D. Morgan, M. LaCour, K. Golby, D. Shiffler, and J. H. Booske
Surface chemical analysis and ab initio investigations of CsI coated C fiber cathodes for high power microwave sources
Journal of Applied Physics, 107, 044903, (2010) (Journal Pub)

M. Wojdyr, S. Khalil, Y. Liu, I. Szlufarska
Energetics and structure of <001> tilt grain boundaries in SiC
Modelling and Simulation of Materials Science and Engineering 18, 075009, (2010) (Journal Pub)

N. Swaminathan, P. J. Kamenski, D. MorganI. Szlufarska
Effects of grain size and grain boundaries on defect production in nanocrystalline 3C-SiC
Acta Materialia, 58, 2843-2853, (2010) (Journal Pub)

A. K. Bengtson, C. W. Bark, J. Giencke, C. -B. Eom, D. Morgan
Impact of substitutional and interstitial carbon defects on lattice parameters in MgB
Journal of Applied Physics, 107, 023902, (2010) (Journal Pub)

Y. Liu, I. Szlufarska
Effect of trace moisture on friction
Applied Physics Letters 96, 101902, (2010) (Journal Pub)

S. Kim, I. SzlufarskaD. Morgan
Ab initio study of point defect structures and energetics in ZrC
Journal of Applied Physics 107, 053521, (2010) (Journal Pub)

M. Arroyo Y De Dompablo, Y.-L. Lee, D. Morgan
First principles investigation of oxygen vacancies in columbite MNb2O6 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu)
Chemistry of Materials, 22, (3), 906–913, (2010) (Journal Pub)

Y. Mo, I. Szlufarska
Roughness picture of friction in dry nanoscale contacts
Physical Review B, 81, 035405, (2010) (Journal Pub)