Publications in 2007

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Zeitschrift fur Krystallographie Supplements 26, 255, (2007) (Journal Pub)

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Journal of Applied Physcis, 102, 6, 063514 (2007) (Journal Pub)

V. Vlahos, J. H. Booske, D. Morgan
Ab initio study of the effects of thin CsI coatings on the work function of graphite cathodes
Applied Physics Letters, 91, 144102, (2007) (Journal Pub)

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A molecular dynamics study of nanoindentation of amorphous silicon carbide
Journal of Applied Physics, 102, 023509, (2007) (Journal Pub)

Y. Mo, I. Szlufarska
Simultaneous enhancement of toughness, ductility, and strength of nanocrystalline ceramics
Applied Physics Letters, 90, 181926, (2007) (Journal Pub)

Y. Mo, I. Szlufarska (edited by R. F. Cook et al)
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Materials Research Society Proceedings 1021E  (edited by R. F. Cook et al), Warrendale, PA, 2007, 1021-HH04-02 (Journal Pub)