Publications in 2006

E. Levi, E. Lancry, A. Mitelman, D. Aurbach, G. Ceder, D. Morgan, O. Isnard
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MRS BULLETIN, v.31, (12): 981-985, (2006) (Invited) (Journal Pub)

K. Persson, A. Bengtson, G. Ceder, D. Morgan
Ab initio study of the composition dependence of the pressure-induced spin transition in the (Mg1-x,Fex)O system
Geophysical Research Letters, 33, 16, L16306, (2006) (Journal Pub)

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Nature Materials, 5, 8, 641-646, (2006) (Journal Pub)

G. Grigoryan, F. Zhou, S. R. Lustig, G. Ceder, D. Morgan, A. E. Keating
Ultra-fast evaluation of protein energies directly from sequence
Plos Computational Biology, 2, 6, 551-563, (2006) (Journal Pub)

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Phase stability of nickel hydroxides and oxyhydroxides
J. Electrochem. Soc., 153, 2, A210-A215 (2006) (Journal Pub)

I. Szlufarska
Atomistic simulations of nanoindentation
Materials Today , 9, 5, 42-50, (2006) (Invited) (Journal Pub)

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Spin transitions in the FexMn1-xS2 system
Physical Review B, 73, 11, 11520, (2006) (Journal Pub)

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Journal of Electrochemical Society, 153, 2, A210-A215, (2006) (Journal Pub)

Y. Shao-Horn, P.J. Ferreira, G.J. la O’, D. Morgan, H. Gasteiger, R. Makhariac
Coarsening of Pt nanoparticles in proton exchange membrane fuel cells upon potential cycling
Electrochemical Transactions, 1, 185-195, (2006) (Journal Pub)