Dane Morgan, Henry Wu, Tam Mayeshiba, “High-throughput computing for materials databases and materials design“, Open Science Grid User School, Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison, WI, USA, July 29, 2016.

Morgan osg user school 2016 07-29 dist from ddm314


Ryan Jacobs, John Booske, Dane Morgan, “Doped strontium vanadate computational design of a stable low work function material“, IEEE-IVEC meeting, Monterey, California, 2016.



Dane Morgan, Opportunities with the Materials Informatics Skunkworks“. This talk describes opportunities for students, companies and academics to work in a Materials Informatics Skunkworks, presently located at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. For more information please contact Dane Morgan at

Mat informatics skunkworks overview 2015 10-31 1.0
from ddm314


D. Morgan, L. Barnard, N. Cunningham, G.R. Odetter, S. Choudhury, B. Uberuaga, “Structure and Thermokinetics of Y-Ti-O Precipitaties in Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys“, TMS conference, Orlando, Florida, 2015.



D. Morgan, T. Mayeshiba, M. Gadre, Anh Ngo, “Strain Effects on Defects and Diffusion in Perovskites“, MMM, Berkeley, California, 2014.


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