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  • June, 2015: Postdoctoral Open Positions in Next Generation Structure Determination!
  • May, 2015: Congratulations to CMG member James Gilbert for successfully defending his PhD thesis in Materials Science! Congratulations, Dr. Gilbert!
  • May, 2015: CMG members volunteer at the River Food Pantry!
  • April, 2015: Congratulations to Cheng Liu for winning the second place in the Dvorak Energy Innovation Competition, which was part of the Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge.
  • April, 2015: Congratulations to everyone who finished Crazylegs Classic 8K run!
  • April, 2015: Big congratulations to CMG member Zhizhang Shen for successfully defending his PhD thesis in Geoscience!
  • April, 2015: Undergraduate CMG researcher Parker Sear had 100% success with his graduate school applications and is going to University of Colorado Boulder to study Aerospace Engineering Sciences with a focus in Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems. Congratulations and good luck Parker!
  • April, 2015: Big congratulations to Jie Feng for winning Microscopy & Microanalysis 2015 Presidential Scholar Award !
  • March, 2015: CMG Party at TMS 2015!
  • Jan., 2015: Congratulations to Lei Zhao for defending his research readiness exam and obtaining MS degree!
  • Jan., 2015: Congratulations to Prof. Izabela Szlufarska being selected as one of the chairs of the Materials Research Society meeting in the Spring of 2016!
  • Jan., 2015: Congratulations to Professor Dane Morgan for being one of the ambassadors of Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) program!!.
  • Jan., 2015: Best wishes to Xing Wang (CMG member) and his newlywed wife Meng Li! Many years of happiness! Please check this great news on our Facebook.
  • Opportunities in Materials Informatics Workshop, Feb. 9-10, 2015, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Jan., 2015: "Tutorial on computing thermodynamic properties and phase diagrams of alloys” by Dr. Chuan Zhang from Computherm LLC on Jan. 15th, 1pm in Materials Science & Engineering Building Room 265. Advanced registration is not required. All are welcome. See Events page for details.
  • Jan., 2015: Congratulations to Dr. Milind Gadre for successfully defending his PhD thesis and getting a job offer from Applied Materials (http://www.appliedmaterials.com/)
  • Dec., 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Wei Xie for successfully defending his Phd thesis !!!
  • Nov., 2014: Congratulations to Ao Li for defending his research readiness exam and obtaining MS degree!
  • Sep., 2014: Edward (Ted) Holby (CMG PhD from 2011) has been hired a Staff Scientist in the Materials Technology – Metallurgy Group (MST-6) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). He will be working on electrochemical modeling of non-precious metal catalysts for ORR and OER, iron corrosion under petrochemical environments, and Li dynamics in lithium battery anode materials. Congratulations!
  • 2014: The MAterials Simulation Toolkit (MAST) goes online: Download code; The MAST manual
  • Aug, 2014: University of Wisconsin and Argonne National Laboratory researchers combine computation and in-situ synchrotron characterization to gain new understanding of layered oxide growth - please see the recent paper in Nature Materials.
  • May, 2014: Prof. Izabela Szlufarska and Prof. Dane Morgan have been both promoted to positions of full professors. Congratulations!
  • May, 2014: Congratulations to Wei Xie for winning the David Turnbull Memorial Graduate Student Awards.
  • April, 2014: Congratulations to Zhizhang Shen for receiving the Bailey Distinguished Graduate Fellowship. This fellowship is given by the Department of Geoscience to an outstanding student who shows great potential and is deserving of special encouragement and recognition.
  • April, 2014: Congratulations to Prof. Izabela Szlufarska for winning the H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship. The Romnes awards are given by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) and they recognize exceptional faculty members who have earned tenure within the last six years.
  • March, 2014: The new CMG web page went online
  • Feb., 2014: Open postdoctoral positions in modeling of nuclear materials
  • Feb., 2014: Professor Dane Morgan wins the Vilas Associate Award
  • July, 2013: Ming-Jie won the first prize for a poster competition in the CASL Education Program Summer Student Workshop 2013. Congratulations!
  • June, 2013: Congratulations to Wei Xie for receiving CALPHAD Scholarship awarded by CALPHAD. Inc. as one of the ten recipients worldwide in 2013
  • June, 2013: Dane Morgan is the co-director of the Wisconsin Materials Innovation Institute (WIMII)
  • June, 2013: Big congratulations to CMG alumnus Dr. Yifei Mo on his new job as an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland!
  • June, 2013: Dr. Alejandro Londono got his new job at 3M as a Polymer Modeling Engineer. Congratulations!
  • May, 2013: CMG members participated in the Workshop on Cyberinfrastructure
  • April, 2013: CMG members in Engineering Expo 2013

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The Computational Materials Group (CMG) at UW uses atomic scale modeling to understand and design new materials. We employ highly accurate ab initio (first-principles) techniques to study electronic structure and energetics of smaller systems, and interatomic potential modeling on massively parallel computers to study up to hundreds of millions of atoms. These core approaches are combined with a wide-range of other atomistic methods, including Monte Carlo, coarse graining, data mining, thermodynamics, and statistical physics. These tools allow us to look deeply and quantitatively at materials phenomena over an extensive range of time and length scales. Currently, we have two grad students who also do experiments.